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Outreach Stats

Edwards Aquifer Conservancy
Outreach Facts

Students Reached

232% Goal Achieved

Community Impact

121% Goal Achieved

Social Media Audience

98% Goal Achieved

Other Forms of Outreach

100% Goal Achieved

Our Mission

The Edwards Aquifer Conservancy’s mission is solely to support and benefit the work of the Edwards Aquifer Authority, including the establishment of programs and practices that protect habitat and species, sustain agricultural practices, promote water conservation, and support the development of water management solutions within the diverse Edwards Aquifer region.

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Who We Are

As a supporting organization, the EAC provides assistance to support the mission of the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

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Get Involved

It starts with YOU! Your support enables us to improve our aquifer resource and educate the public.

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Education Programs

Sponsor or attend one of our valuable educational programs!

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