EAA Field Research Park & Observatory

Berm-Swale Planting

The Edwards Aquifer Conservancy was formally granted the deeds to 150+ acres of land known as the Cibolo Vista Tracts 1 and 2 by the San Antonio City Council. The property, located just north of the soon-to-be-constructed Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, represents a $5.5 million gift to the Conservancy – the largest gift received to date.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority has taken the property, now known as the Field Research Park, and has initiated science-based initiatives to collect groundwater levels, water quality data, soil sampling and mapping of karst features like springs or seeps in the area. Additionally, land management techniques are being studied and assessed for their potential efficacy in increasing both the yield and quality of water entering the Edwards Aquifer. To enhance the ongoing research, a Field Research Observatory built on the premises would enhance and elevate the scientific analysis and maintenance of the various field experiments. The principal purpose of the EAA Field Research Park & Observatory is to develop, research, and implement practices that lead to enhanced water quality and quantity for the region.