EAA Field Research Observatory


A hallmark of the Edwards Aquifer Authority has been its commitment to research. The opportunity to elevate our research capabilities to new heights presents itself in the placement of a state-of-the art field research observatory in northern Bexar County, on a city of San Antonio-owned parcel of property adjacent to the soon-to-be-built Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, over a portion of the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer.

Imagine a site, protected from growth and urban sprawl, that exists in a pristine condition, capable of hosting both field demonstrations and measurement devices capable of collecting a myriad of data that can, over time, provide a better picture of how our land management practices can be enhanced to increase water capture and clarity over the Edwards Aquifer. Successful results could be implemented throughout the region, resulting in a net increase in water quantity, and a corresponding improvement in water quality. In short, the development of a field research site and associated observatory to conduct and facilitate studies related to EAA’s ongoing research provides an opportunity to enhance the understanding of how the system functions over a range of hydrologic conditions and draw national and worldwide attention and acclaim.

Field Research Observatory Rendering-Luna Middleman

The Edwards Aquifer Authority has developed a world-class cadre of scientists and technicians who have endeavored to collect and analyze data and trends in water quantity and quality.   With the appropriate funding we could establish a facility and surrounding compound where we could conduct long-term, systematic data collection regarding the potential impacts of land management practices that could conceivably increase the yield of water retention in the Edwards Aquifer.  This would be a unique effort, as it relates to karst aquifers, and would benefit the entire region that relies on the Edwards Aquifer.

In a continued response to Covid-19, the EAA & EAC will remain working in a telecommuting manner until further notice.
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