Investing in the Aquifer

Why care about the Edwards Aquifer?

Water is life, pure and simple. Without it, there are no homes to build, businesses to exist, farms to irrigate, animals to raise, no industries to grow and prosper, and most importantly, none to drink and maintain life. Water fuels and sustains our lives, hopes and dreams, and the lack of it is our worst nightmare. The state of Texas has empowered the Edwards Aquifer Authority to manage this unique and vital resource which resides several hundred feet below, and whose daily impact towers over all of us. Without the Edwards Aquifer, cities like Uvalde, San Antonio, New Braunfels and San Marcos simply don’t exist.

There are numerous opportunities for individuals and organizations to support the ongoing and prospective work of the Edwards Aquifer Authority, as it carries out its ongoing mission of managing, protecting and enhancing the Edwards Aquifer. Listed below are two major endeavors we are currently engaged in:

Education Outreach Center

The Edward Aquifer Authority has entered into a formal partnership with the Gordon Hartman, Founder of Morgan’s Wonderland and the soon-to-be constructed Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, committing itself to the onsite construction and operation of an EAA Education Outreach Center on Camp property.

By partnering with Morgan’s Wonderland Camp (MWC), a 102-acre recreational oasis on the northern outskirts of San Antonio that will year-round offer a summer camp-type experience to those with and without special needs, the Edwards Aquifer Authority will take advantage of its unique location on the Recharge Zone to impart water wisdom by cultivating a curiosity for the life-sustaining groundwater system below our feet – The Edwards Aquifer.

The $2.5 million EAA Education Outreach Center will encompass 3,500 square feet and feature unique learning experiences that will broaden imaginations through participation in innovative STEM opportunities with an inclusive mindset. A permanent location for a dedicated EAA Education Outreach Center at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp will give the EAA a platform to educate daily. The $28 million, ultra-accessible™ Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, which is slated for completion in the latter half of 2020, will be able to accommodate, at one time, up to 525 campers of all ages and abilities along with staff for day, weekend or week-long camp sessions.

Field Research Observatory

The Edwards Aquifer Conservancy was formally granted the deeds to 150+ acres of land known as the Cibolo Vista Tracts 1 and 2 by the San Antonio City Council. The property, located just north of the soon-to-be-constructed Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, represents a $5.5 million gift to the Conservancy – the largest gift received to date.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority plans to operate a field research observatory on the properties, which would include a thorough science-based initiative to collect groundwater levels, water quality data, soil sampling and mapping of karst features like springs or seeps in the area. The EAA will be responsible for the field research observatory and maintenance of the properties in accordance with the City of San Antonio’s conservation easement requirements. The principal purpose of the EAA Field Research Observatory is to develop, research, and implement practices that lead to enhanced water quality and quantity for the region.

How you can help

The Edwards Aquifer Conservancy is currently seeking funds to realize these opportunities, and others. If you would care for more information regarding any of these efforts, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking HERE.

In a continued response to Covid-19, the EAA & EAC will remain working in a telecommuting manner until further notice.
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