Our Partners

The EAC provides opportunities for environmentally-conscious community partners to make a difference in conserving and protecting our shared natural resource. Through partnerships and donations, businesses, corporations, and individuals can support the work of the Edwards Aquifer Authority.


CemexAt the start of 2016, executives from Cemex awarded the EAC the first of three annual $45,000 donations to fund a series of hands-on educator workshops. The Cemex Educator Excursion Series gives both formal and informal educators exclusive access to aquifer-related locations and personal interaction with EAA staff geologists, hydrologists and biologists at no cost. Planned excursions include trips to local caves and caverns, Edward Aquifer research facilities, endangered species habitat and the Cemex facility in New Braunfels.


H.E.B. Helping HereDuring the Summer of 2016, H-E-B donated $10,000 to the EAC for development of an immersive experience display to be used at community and school events. The kiosk featured both a touch screen and flat screen monitor that allowed users to learn more about the recharge zone, as well as other Edwards Aquifer features. The model was available for use early in the 2016-2017 school year.

Through interactive, touch screen technology, we are able to engage larger audiences and teach them lessons on conservation and sustainability of one of our most vital natural resources—the Edwards Aquifer. Thank you H-E-B for giving us this start!